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Sabudana Vada | Pearl Sago Patties

How to make Sabudana vada | Pearl Sago Patties | Sabudana Tikki

Sabudana Vada is a crunchy and yummy snack for breakfast. It is also called  food for fasting (vrat ka khanna). In India, people make it on "Navaratra" during fasting days. Sabudana vada is easy to make.

Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Tikki

These vadas are served with yogurt accompanied with Tamarind and Mint chutney. Sabudana vadas can be deep fried, shallow fried or can be made on a tawa with few drops of oil. I have made these vadas in less oil and used olive oil for the same.

Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Tikki

Lets start with the recipe :

Preparation Time Cooking time Total Time Yield
5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes Serves 4

Recipe Type : Breakfast, snacks
Cuisine : Indian 

Ingredients :
  • 1 cup sabudana/ Pearl Sago
  • 4 boiled potato
  • 2 chopped green chilly 
  • 1 pinch of asafoetida (Hing)
  • Salt according to taste
  • 1 teaspoon chaat masala
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • Olive oil / refine oil
Preparation :

Sabudana Vada, Sabudana Tikki, Sabudana cutlets,breakfast,vrat ka khana

  1. Soak sabudana overnight in 1 cup of water
  2. Take a bowl, add boiled mashed potatoes, green chilly and mix well  
  3. Add pepper, chaat masala, salt and mix all the ingredients
  4. Make 6 round balls of the mixture
  5. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in a non-stick pan
  6. Place vadas one by one in the pan
  7. Cook it on medium flame
  8. When it turn golden brown from one side, flip it 
  9. Sprinkle some oil on it and let it cook from the other side
  10. When done, cook for 3 more minutes on low flame from both the sides
  11. Serve Hot with mint chutney, tamarind chutney and yogurt.
Note : 
  1. You can also deep fry or shallow fry the vadas.
  2. Don't add lot of water while soaking sabudana in night, otherwise you will not get the required texture.
  3. Some people use rock salt for fasting also called sendha namak, we have used normal salt in it


  1. Delicious vadas Ritu, My fav, I dont add chaat masala, will try next time adding it....

    1. Thanks jeena. That would be great. Chaat masala enhances the flavor. Do try it with that. :)

  2. This is my favorite recipe, but never had good luck making it. Looks really good!

    1. Sandhya thats great. Do give it a try when u get a chance. It tastes delicous. :)

  3. Great recipe idea! This will surely rev up my after training appetite! Thanks!


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