Monday, 17 November 2014

Sooji Veggie garden toast

How to make whole wheat sooji veggie garden toast

Whole wheat sooji/semolina veggie garden toast is a healthy and delicious option to start your day with. This is a perfect breakfast recipe which goes well with a hot cup of milk or a tea. It is very simple to make and is different from usual menu. You can add all the vegetables that are available in your pantry to make it more nutritious. If you are in hurry and there are no vegetables available, you can simply make it with sooji. You can top a bread with the sooji, spices and green chillies. It tastes great like that too.

Lets start with the recipe :

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Preparation Time   Cooking time Total Time Yield
10 minutes5 minutes15 minutesServes 2

Recipe Type : Breakfast, snack
Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients :
  • 4 whole wheat bread 
  • 1/2 bowl Sooji (Semolina)
  • 1 chopped onion
  • 1 chopped tomato
  • 1/2 cup chopped beans
  • 1/2 cup corn
  • 1/2 chopped bell pepper/capsicum
  • salt according to taste
  • 1 teaspoon pepper
  • 1 teaspoon chaat masala
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil / butter
Preparation :

Sooji Toast,Veggie Toast,Sandwich,whole wheat sooji toast,bread pizza toast,veggie garden toast

  1. Take sooji in a bowl
  2. Add salt, pepper, chaat masala and some water in it 
  3. Consistency of the batter should be medium or little thick, it should not watery. 
  4. Add onion, tomato, corn, beans, bell pepper in sooji batter, mix well and keep it aside
  5. Take 4 pieces of whole wheat bread
  6. Spread the batter on one side of bread
  7. Take a non-stick tawa and add 1 teaspoon olive oil and spread
  8. Put flame on low/simmer and put the bread on the tawa from another side where we didn't put any topping
  9. Put a lid, and let it cook for a few seconds on low flame so that veggies become soft and crunchy
  10. Flip it and cook from another side 
  11. When cooked, serve hot with Mint Chutney and ketchup
1. You can take any type of bread(Whole wheat/Garlic bread/Wheat bread) for this toast.
2. Consistency of sooji(semolina) batter should be medium or little thick.
3. Don't overcook the veggies, they should taste crisp and crunchy.


  1. Lovely and healthy dish Ritu..and the name too is wonderful..

  2. Wow! innovative for sure. Never thought that sooji can work over bread slices but I sure see it now.

    1. Thanks. You can give it a try. It gives crunchy and crispy taste to the toast. :)

  3. What an unusual breakfast idea (for me, anyway) and it makes so much sense. I love all the colorful, delicious vegetables and beans - plus, the bread is a bonus! Looks delicious!

    1. Thanks monika. I am glad you like my idea and my innovative recipe. :)

  4. Looks like a wonderful way to start the day, love all the crunch and color of this dish!


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