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Top 10 Favorite recipes of 2014

Top 10 Favorite Recipes of 2014

2014 was a wonderful year for Scrumptious Indian Recipes

This blog was started on 28th April, 2014 and with constant learning and evolvement is getting better day by day. Thanks to my family, friends and followers  for visiting this blog, encouraging me and being a part of this journey and support me always. Love you all. Wish you a happy and prosperous New year.  May this year bring joy and prosperity in your life.

Welcome 2015 !!

Here are some top recipes of 2014 from my blog which are most visited by you all.

With lots of love, here we go :

Bread Pakora stuffed with cottage cheese and spicy, tangy potatoes is a famous Indian snack served with tamarind chutney and Mint Chutney.

 Bread Pakoda

2. Dal Makhani

Delicious Dal Makhani - Curry of whole black lentil also called as Dal Bhukhara.

 Dal Makhani

3. Vada Pav

Vada Pav is popular Indian street food. They are crisp potato fritters in soft buns. It tastes great with some fried green chillies and a nice hot tea.

 Vada Pav

4. Whole wheat cheese corn veggie toast

Delicious whole wheat cheese veggie corn toast for breakfast

 Veggie Toast

5. Samosa Toast

I am sharing a recipe of a whole wheat bread toast which has a stuffing of samosa and will give you a taste and flavor of samosa while eating a bread toast.

 Samosa toast

6. Tikki Chole

Aloo tikki chole is a famous street food of India. Patties are made of potatoes with Indian spices with chickpeas spicy and tangy curry.

 Chole Tikki

7. Sabudana Thalipeeth

Sabudana Thalipeeth is a delicious recipe of crispy and delicious pancake made from pearl sago. It is a crunchy and yummy snack for breakfast.
 Sabudana Thalipeeth

8. Sarso ka Saag

Mustard green (Sarso Ka saag) and Indian corn meal flatbread (makki ki roti) is an authentic traditional winter recipe from India which is delicious, healthy and flavorful.
 Sarso ka saag

9. Sev Puri

Famous Indian street food - Sev Puri.  It is tangy, spicy and yummy. It doesn't involve cooking, just stuffing and topping of the ingredients and it is ready to serve. :)

 Sev Puri

10. Punjabi Kadhi

Indian Yogurt curry with onion fritters also called as 'Punjabi Kadhi pakoda': Aromatic Tangy curry made of yogurt and gram flour with steamed rice.

 Kadhi Chawal

Hope you enjoyed our top 10 recipes.

This is the list of top favorite recipes of 2014!! I will come up with more scrumptious recipes with aromatic flavours for 2015.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions for 2015. You can leave a comment below or can contact me through the contact form in contact us.

Thank you for joining me in this beautiful year of scrumptious vegetarian recipes.

Have a happy and scrumptious new year!! 


  1. believe it or not Ritu, I started my blog on the very same day. WHAT a journey it has been! Wonderful collection of your I see here. May this grow many fold. Happy New year :)

    1. Very nice coincidence my dear. Thank you so much. Happy new year to u too. :)

  2. Lovely collection Ritu...Looks too colourful and tempting,..and Wishing U Happy New Year and Happy Blogging.

    1. Thank you so much jeena. Happy new year to you too. :)

  3. You are so creative my dear Ritu! I wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2015.

    1. Thank you so much anu. Happy new year to u too dear. :)

  4. You are so creative my dear Ritu! I wish you a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2015.

  5. Lovely compilation. Happy new year to you and everyone at home.

    1. Thank you so much Navaneetham. Wish you a very happy new year. :)

  6. What a delicious line-up of recipes Ritu! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you so much dear. Happy new year. :)

  7. Very nice collection, happy new year to you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much swathi. Happy new year to you too. :)

  8. These all look very delicious and tempting :)

  9. Delightful collection of recipes. And beautifully presented too!!

  10. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.


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