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How to make moong dal Pakoda

Recipe of Moong dal Pakodi | Moong dal bhajiya

Moong dal Pakoda or Moong dal bhaijia  is a popular north Indian street food. It is crispy from outside and melts in the mouth. It is a quick and delicious evening snack. If you will go to the famous markets of Delhi, you will find lot of vendors selling it in a traditional bowl. They top it with lot of radish, coriander leaves and sometimes add carrot with pepper and chutneys.

You can also sandwich it in a bread or burger and have it with tomato ketchup. These pakodas are yummy and irresistible Indian snack.

Lets start with the recipe :

Preparation Time Cooking time Total Time Yield
10 minutes10 minutes 20 minutes Serves 4

Recipe Type : Breakfast, Snacks
Cuisine : Indian

Ingredients :
  • 1 cup moong dal (yellow lentil)
  • Salt according to taste
  • 1 teaspoon garam masala
  • Pinch of baking soda
  • Pinch of asafoetida
  • Grated radish
  • Oil
  • Pepper
  • Coriander leaves
Preparation :
  1. Soak moong dal (yellow lentil) for 4 hours
  2. Rinse, drain and grind it to fine paste without adding water
  3. Add salt, garam masala, asafoetida, pepper and baking soda
  4. Mix well, and divide it into 12 balls
  5. Heat oil in a pan
  6. Deep fry the balls on low flame, few balls at a time 
  7. Place the pakodas on a tissue or oil absorbent paper for absorbing the excess oil 
  8. In a bowl, fried moong dal pakodi and top it with radish and chopped coriander leaves
  9. Add Mint chutney and Tamarind chutney
  10. Add pepper and serve hot.
Note :
  1. Soaking of moong dal is important before crushing/grinding
  2. Make sure oil is hot before deep frying the fritters
  3. Crush green gram lentil in a fine paste


  1. Perfect tea time snack...especially when it is raining!!.....Very tempting:)

  2. I just love them, specially with radish salad and green chilli chutney!! Delhi chaats are the best!!! I miss my delhi for them:(...Love the recipe.... pics are good too!!

  3. Great snack especially during rainy season..

  4. oh yumm!! My fav way to eat this is sandwiched between two pieces of bread! always yummy!!

  5. Delicious!! I am having my evening tea , wish i cud have a couple of them:)

  6. Ritu, this is tempting.. Perfect evening time snack with tea or chutney.

  7. Who can resist pakodas? This is one of my favourites!!

  8. wonderful snack!! crunchy and delicious:)

  9. Great recipe of dal pakoda. I have never tried it with radish and carrot toppings. This must be amazing, would give it a try soon! :-)

  10. Nice and lovely savoury mung dal cake!!!
    just perfect for brunch snacking...

  11. Delicious & mouthwatering all time favorite snack.

  12. Tempting and delicious....want to grab all of them:)


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