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How to make Indian parantha bites

Recipe of Indian Paratha Bites

Paratha is an Indian flatbread cooked on tava (Indian griddle / Pan) with sprinkled oil. Paratha can be of different variety like gobi, carrot, radish, potato etc. This is a plain version of paratha with carom seeds. It is perfect for breakfast which can be served with yogurt and pickle. It is one of the most popular flat bread in northern India. It is perfect accompaniment with the cup of tea.

Plain Parantha, Roti,flatbread,indian flatbread

I have converted these paratha into quick bites topped with cooked cauliflower vegetable and served with a bowl of dal makhani. You can make these parathas in square or triangle shape. It can also be eaten with the dollop of white or yellow butter.

Plain Parantha, Roti,flatbread,indian flatbread

Lets start with the recipe :

Recipe Type : Flat-bread
Cuisine : Indian

Prep Time   Cooking time Total Time Yield
10 minutes5 minutes10 minutesServes 4

Ingredients :
  • 1 cup whole wheat flour / Atta
  • 1 teaspoon carom seeds / Ajwain
  • 1/2 teaspoon red chilly
  • Salt according to taste
  • olive oil / refine oil
  • water 
Preparation : 

  1. Put whole wheat flour / atta in a bowl
  2. Add salt, red chilly, carom seeds and little water at a time and start kneading
  3. Knead it together and make a smooth soft dough
  4. Take a small ball of dough, about a size of lemon and roll with the help of palms, make it like a small ball
  5. Put in a dry flour and  roll out a small round chapati using a rolling pin
  6. If it is sticky, add some dry flour
  7. When you roll out a chapati,  spread some oil on it
  8. Fold from all the sides and make a square
  9. Sprinkle flour on square and roll out equally from all the sides
  10. Add some more flour if required while rolling
  11. Heat tava, and place the parantha
  12. Cook it on medium flame
  13. Apply oil on one side of paratha and let it cook
  14. Paratha will start puffing, flip it and now sprinkle/spread oil on the other side
  15. When paratha is cooked from both sides, it will turn golden from both the sides
  16. When it is cooked from both the sides, cut it from the center and divide it in 4 squares
  17. Top it with any cooked vegetable, chutneys or dip 
  18. Serve hot with lentil, curries or yogurt
I have topped it with cooked cauliflower vegetable and served with Dal makhani.

Plain Parantha, Roti,flatbread,indian flatbread

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  1. Looks very yummy and I love your clicks!!

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