Indian Spices Glossary

   Spices Glossary from English to Hindi with Health Benefit

S.No.ENGLISH HINDI Nutritional Value
1Aniseed/ FennelSaunfGood for digestion, constipation, anemia, colic and diarrhea, it can be chewed to get rid of bad breath
2AsafoetidaHingHome remedy for indigestion, respiratory disorders, high Blood pressure
3BasilTulsiIt has anti-aging properties, rich in antioxidants, reduce inflammation and swelling
4Bay LeafTej PattaGood for digestion, used in treatment of diabetes, cure cold and infection
5Black CardamomKali ElaichiGood for digestion, depression, cold and flu, blood pressure and hiccups
6Black CuminShahi JeeraGood for digestion, anemia, lactating mothers, for immediate relief from acidity, cure commo colds
7Black Pepperkali MirchGood for digestion, relieve cough and cold, help in weight loss, it has powerful antioxidant properties, reduces inflammation
8Black SaltKala Namak, sanchalTreats arthritis issue, cures high blood pressure, good for soft and beautiful skin, improves hair growth and hair problems
9Brown Mustard seedsRaiRelives arthritis, migrane, respiration congestion, helps in improving bad appetite
10CardamomElaichiIt helps in hydrating skin, has good healing powers, antibacterial properties and anti-aging properties
11Carom seeds/Thymol seedsAjwainGood for digestion, relieves cough, asthma and acidity, helps in relieving arthritic pain, instant relief from ear ache, keeps heart healthy, cures hiccups
12CeleryAmjudGood for weight loss, reduces inflammation, helps you in relieving stress and acidity, good for eyes and blood pressure
13CharoliChironjiTreats skin and blood infections, good for digestion, it relieves fatigue and tiredness, removes facial blemishes and bring glow to face
14CinnamonDalchiniIt regulates blood sugar, treats diabeties, reduces LDL cholesterol levels, reduces pain linked to arthritis, it has natural anti-infectious compounds
15ClovesLaungTreats toothache, relieve upper respiratory infections, reduce inflammation, treats scrapes and bruises, improves digestion
16Coriander SeedsSabut DhaniyaAids in digestion, has anti bacterial and anti-diabetic properties it aslo prevents anaemia, it’s a good source of Vitamin- C
17Coriander/CilantroDhaniaAids in digestion, protects against urinary tract infections, prevents nausea, relieves intestinal gas, , lowers LDL (Bad cholesteraol) and raises (Good Cholesteraol)
18Cumin, CarawayKala JeeraIt helps boost immunity, has detoxifying properties, reduce signs of aging, enhances eyesight and improves skin and hair texture
19Curry LeavesKadi PattaPrevents anaemia, protects liver from damage, keeps blood sugar levels under check, lowers cholesterol and protects from heart disease
20Dried GingerSonthCures stomach irritation, headaches, common cold, helps in weight loss, its anti-flammatory properties cures acne
21Dry mango powderAmchoorPrevents acidity, improves digestion, relieves clogged pores of the skin, its high in antioxidant and low in carbohydrates, prevents anemia
22FenugreekMethiIts good for lactating mothers, induce and ease child birth, control diabetes, aid digestion, remedy for sore throat, cures skin inflammation ans scars
23Fenugreek LeaveKassori MethiIt lowers LDL (Bad cholesteraol) and raises (Good Cholesteraol), it has anti-diabetic elements, reduce blemishes, good for long and lustrous hair
24Fenugreek SeedsMethi SeedsIt lowers LDL (Bad cholesteraol) and raises (Good Cholesteraol), it has anti-diabetic elements, reduce blemishes, good for long and lustrous hair
25FlaxseedAlasi, TisiIts helpful in preventing cancers, it increases bone density, maintain harmonal levels in women, reduce cardiovascular disease, strengthens bones, treats skin disorders like eczema, dandruff etc.
26Fresh BasilTulsiReduce inflammation and swelling, has anti-aging properties, rich in antioxidants, its good memory booster, cough soothing, treats headache
27Garlic Lahsun It has anti-bacterial and anti viral properties, to treat skin infections, reduce blood pressure, cures respiratory problems, effective against warts and corns
28Ginger PowderAdrak PowderCures headaches, chest pain, has anti-inflammatory properties, relieves cold and cough
29Green CardamomHari ElaichiGood for digestion, has antidepressant qualities, prevent cold and flu, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps getting rid of hiccups
30Ground NutPeanutAids in blood sugar regulation, helps fight depression, boosts memory power, lowers risk of heart disease, helps promote fertility
31GumGoondIts good for lactating mothers, relieves cough and cold, heal wounds, it also treats cardiovascular ailments and chronic kidney disease
32Holy BasilTulsiRelieves fever, cough, sore throat and common cold, treats respiratory disorders, cures insect bites, teeth disorders and skin disorders, relieves headaches
33Indian GooseberryAmlaNourishes the brain, increase red blood cell production, supports liver function, improves appetite, enriches hair growth, balances cholesterol
34InknutHarad, HaritakiReduces constipation, cures haemorrhoids or piles, has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, good for heart, and has wound healing properties
35MaceJavitriTreats muscular and joint pains, good for digestion, it boosts body and mind, relieves asthma, eliminates stress and exhaustion, good remedy for anxiety and depression
36MintPudinaTreats respiratory disorders and coughs, remedy for nausea and headaches, its an excellent skin cleanser, good for weight loss, treats allergies and hay fever, relieves depression and fatigue
37Mustard SeedsSarsonit helps in loosing weight, it turns slow the ageing process, relieves arthritic and muscle pain, lowers cholesterol, stimulates hair growth, fights skin infections, improves immunity
38Mustard OilSarson ka telIncreases appetite, removes tan and dark spots, lightens the skin, treats rashes and infections, great remedy for dry chapped lips, prevents pre-mature greying
39Nigella SeedKalongiTreats burns, treats bleeding nose, chest irritation and stomach trouble, cures cough congestion, constipation, dandruff, and ear infection. Relieves joint pain, boost immunity, and memory power
40NutmegJaiphalIts called as a brain tonic, it stimulates brain and eliminates stress and fatigue, relieves inflammation and abdominal pain, cures diarrhea, constipation and bloating, treats bad breath, detox liver and kidney, Aids sleep
41OreganoAjwain ki pattiIt is an antioxidant for immune system support, has antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, cures cold, dandruff, bloating, allergies, toothache and bronchitis
42PeppercornsKalimirchits an ancient medicine to boost metabolism, helps in weight loss, relieves stress and fatigue
43Pomegranate seedsAnar danaIt lowers LDL (Bad cholesteraol) and raises (Good Cholesteraol), prevents dental plague, protects the arteries,
44Poppy seedsKhas khas, post danaIts effective in quenching thirst, fever, inflammation, constipation and irritation of abdomen, it’s a wonderful beauty aid, treats eczema, can be used as a scrub for skin, has hair benefits, treats dandruff
45Red Chilli Lal MirchiIt helps in preventing the formation of blood clots, clearing congestions, reduces risk of type 2 diabetes and good for loosing weight too
46Rock SaltKala NamakIt’s a best alternative of sea salt, it treats arthritis issues, paralysis troubles, cures high blood pressure problems, works magically for cracked feet, and good for hair too
47Rose waterGulab jalIt’s a great cleanser and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores, it helps to clear all impurities of facial skin
48SaffronKesar, ZaffranIts an anti depressant, has digestive properties, maintains blood pressure and prevents heart disease, good source for radiant skin, treats acne and blemishes, treats dry skin, improves face texture
49SaltNamakIt naturally builds strong immune system, reduces inflammation in the respiratory system, reduces high cholesterol levels, prevents muscle pain and spasms
50Sesame seedsTilIt prevents diabetes, cures anemia, has anti-cancer properties, good for bone health and oral health, treats anxiety, lowers cholesterol, beneficial for liver and eyes, nourishes the organs
51Star AniseChakra PhoolIt has anti-bacterial and antioxidant properties, it ensures good sleep, used as a natural breath freshner, cures flues, good for lower back pain
52TamarindImliIt cures gastric problem, digestion problems and treats piles, it is used as a blood purifier, helps destroying the stomach worms in children
53TurmericHaldi Improves digestion, prevents liver disease, helps in weight management, heals wound and is a immune booster
54ThymeAjwain ka phoolImproves Vision, cures cold, cures acne, prevents hair loss, controls blood pressure levels, improves bones health, aids digestion 

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